When deciding on what type of makeup to wear in a Destination Wedding in Playa del Carmen, we can jump from blog to blog to try to find inspiration and ideas.  But what type of makeup can really work in an environment like the Caribbean beach front? We’ve asked ourselves that question, and found one classy, trendy makeup that can be perfectly adapted to your dream wedding: Kim Kardashian’s wedding makeup!

We can say her choice was a total win that will inspire many brides, accomplishing a natural and glowing look, perfect for a beach celebration. Adding a shocking way of defining eyes, we can totally go ahead and recommend her style for your beach wedding.

We’ve gone through the steps involved to create her makeup, and listed some ideas to bear in mind when choosing your bridal makeup:



The secret of Kim’s makeup is the natural nude glow that comes from her perfectly flawless skin. This is the touch we give you, by using our airbrush makeup foundation and concealers.


Apart from having her eyebrows filled in a light brown tone, Ms West bridal makeup included a golden shade, which highlights her eyes in a glamorous way. We absolutely adore these type of shades for a bride’s makeup!

We make sure to give you lashes with length and volume, doing so by applying false eyelashes and mascara. We promise: your eyes will speak up for you!



A sheer peachy tone in the apples of your cheeks, will keep your smile beautiful and also the contour touch given by bronzing powder will help define all your natural beauty. Adding highlighter to your already radiant, and glowing bridal skin, it will be a simple touch that  will  make all the difference when it comes to an outdoor wedding.


Following the cheeks tone, we will define your lips in an advisable Coral tone (a sheer peachy lipstick as well). This look will work and look fresh from the day and into the evening, lasting up to 16 hours and fitting perfectly into your wedding. We can’t wait to see it on you!