Wedding @BlueVenado Riviera Maya

On August 22th, 2014, Myriam de Alba Martínez y Enric Montobbio Camprobi got married in Blue Venado Beach Club.
They met for the first time in our Riviera Maya, dream place where the VO Evolution reside.
They actually met in Playa del Carmen, and since then they never were apart again.

Myriam was in charge of coordinating the wedding, since they decided they wanted to spend their lives together. With that certainty in their lives, they got in touch with VO.
Fortunately, Myriam awards us with an excellent score as regards her bridal makeup and hairstyle.
She chose to have a natural side loose curls hairstyle, and decided too, to change it for the party so she wears a beachy side bun. She also wore a natural make up café and gold tones.
She thought these were the best choices to wear on her wedding day.

We wish Myriam and Enric a lifetime of happiness and joy together…