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Runny mascara? Frizzy hair? Your eyeliner runs and you look like a raccoon?

Yes those are problems that we all deal with in summer; we know the struggle is real when it comes to staying flawless in the summer heat.

That is why our team of experts want to share their favorite products that swear by are the most efficient products for a hot, sweaty day.

*Fabiola (Makeup Artist)

My favorite product is the pore minimizer POREfessional by Benefit; it leaves velvet like texture and porcelain finish to the skin. It also helps the foundation to blend better and by having a smooth skin, the use of foundation is very little, leaving more natural finish.

*Selene (Hair Artist)

My favorite product is the OASIS+ Dust it texture because it increases the texture in hair, mostly in thin hair, and it prevents the humidity to ruin the volume, it is certainly an excellent tool.


*Natacha (Hair Artist)

One of my top product REWIND 06 from REDKEN, I’m a Redken lover since years

Love a lot of products, but this one Twist, shape and texturize hair into changeable styles. Pliable fiber network provides a “web of support” for creating strong shapes that have on-going flexibility for instant replay.

*Cuauhtémoc (Makeup Artist)

My favorite product for makeup is the eye primer 24 hours by MAC cosmetics, I LOVE this product because of its high resistance to humidity, it intensifies the pigmentation of the eye shadow and it makes blending easier.


 *Fernanda (Hair Artist)

I do not have a favorite product per se but I do have a favorite tool; the waffle iron it is the best to create volume and it makes thin hair look thicker.


*Lizzette (Makeup Artist)

My favorite product for eyes is Paintpot from MAC Cosmetics. I use it as a base before applying eye shadow and not only intensifies the eye shadow color, but it makes it last all day without creasing. My favorite color is soft ochre and painterly for a neutral tone.



If you are looking for a wedding destination we have a new destination that we believe you are going to love: PANAMA

Known as the gateway to the Americas, Panama is located between the Pacific and Caribbean ocean and it has plenty to offer. With great eco-diversity and untouched beaches, this place is a heaven for nature lovers.

in order for you to get a sneak peek on how Panama weddings are like we want to share with you Sarah’s wedding, were Vo-Evolution had the pleasure to work with.

Sarah got married at RIU PLAYA BLANCA, an all-inclusive, five star hotel

Vo- Evolution’s artist styled up Sarah, using the best techniques that are trendy now days, using Airbrush makeup, a waterproof and humidity resistant foundation, high end makeup and high Quality hair products, to make sure she looked flawless all day.

Our artists worked with the bride and guests communicating at all times, to make sure that they got what they wanted, this is something that makes us out stand from the rest of the companies. Also our discretion and punctuality, because for us being in time shows respect and professionalism

Vo- Evolution team is known for creating a comfortable environment, making the beautifying time fun and relaxed.

Wedding pictures by : www.photoshowpanama.com

With Love VO evolution ! www.vo-evolution.com




When deciding on what type of makeup to wear in a Destination Wedding in Playa del Carmen, we can jump from blog to blog to try to find inspiration and ideas.  But what type of makeup can really work in an environment like the Caribbean beach front? We’ve asked ourselves that question, and found one classy, trendy makeup that can be perfectly adapted to your dream wedding: Kim Kardashian’s wedding makeup!

We can say her choice was a total win that will inspire many brides, accomplishing a natural and glowing look, perfect for a beach celebration. Adding a shocking way of defining eyes, we can totally go ahead and recommend her style for your beach wedding.

We’ve gone through the steps involved to create her makeup, and listed some ideas to bear in mind when choosing your bridal makeup:



The secret of Kim’s makeup is the natural nude glow that comes from her perfectly flawless skin. This is the touch we give you, by using our airbrush makeup foundation and concealers.


Apart from having her eyebrows filled in a light brown tone, Ms West bridal makeup included a golden shade, which highlights her eyes in a glamorous way. We absolutely adore these type of shades for a bride’s makeup!

We make sure to give you lashes with length and volume, doing so by applying false eyelashes and mascara. We promise: your eyes will speak up for you!



A sheer peachy tone in the apples of your cheeks, will keep your smile beautiful and also the contour touch given by bronzing powder will help define all your natural beauty. Adding highlighter to your already radiant, and glowing bridal skin, it will be a simple touch that  will  make all the difference when it comes to an outdoor wedding.


Following the cheeks tone, we will define your lips in an advisable Coral tone (a sheer peachy lipstick as well). This look will work and look fresh from the day and into the evening, lasting up to 16 hours and fitting perfectly into your wedding. We can’t wait to see it on you!