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How design a bridal hair & makeup?

We know that the wedding day, is one of the most important day for a women !

maybe you ask yourself, why ?

If you are married, you remind how you felt that day, exciting, emotional, stressed, anxious etc… but also in your top “feminine mood”

When a women, is beautified with profesional hair and makeup, put her wedding dress on, her jewerly, acessories, she feel more powerful, sensual, simply more women !

See below how we design a bridal look ? what’s our process !

* Today we will speak about our bride Maribel

When we meet her on her wedding day, we study first her face, hair texture, and all details

her expectative was to look fresh, boho chic, with a natural skin look, but she loved wear contour and eyes liner


so she shows us her inspiration pictures,

Our artists work them magic, and the result was as Maribel vision it













Little Maribel & Jason love story

” We meet at work in 2005,

We did our first trip to Cancun in 2017, and while visiting, the Mayan ruins and at Chichen Itza, Jason got on one knee and proposed as we took pictures by the beautiful scenery. It was super unexpected and we were able to get footage video and pictures engagement “

They decide to get married on the beach, having a small wedding, as they felt in love with Cancun, they did some little research and choose Playa Xcalacoco in Puerto Aventuras for the Yes I Do !

Congratulations to this fabulous couple, we wish you all the best, and a lot of happiness !

Hair and Makeup by @voevolution www.vo-evolution.com

Wedding love story riviera maya

Quarantine love celebration in Mexico!

Hay historias de amor que no tuvieron lógica, les llamamos destino. ¡Esas historias que al igual que las películas románticas todo parece magia!

¿Crees en el amor a primera vista? En ese amor donde toda la ideología que tienes sobre las relaciones la tiras por la ventana; parecería increíble pero nuestra hermosa Novia Tara tuvo la oportunidad de experimentarlo, una historia que merece ser contada.

Tara voló un día desde Miami a Acapulco México, para tomar unas vacaciones, después de 2 matrimonios fallidos no esperaba volver a tener contacto con el amor, centrada en su trabajo y su hijo, era como esperaba su futuro. Y aquí es donde el destino metió las manos para dar un giro a su historia. Al igual que las escenas de cine, vio pasar a un alto hombre que por un momento cruzo miradas con ella convirtiéndolo en un momento mágico y significativo para ambos.

Pasaron un corto tiempo juntos en Acapulco, pero compartieron sus contactos y al regrese a Miami él le seguía escribiendo desde Alemania, se conectaron profundamente, hubo una química inexplicable, que los hacia hablar diariamente, hacer videollamadas perdiendo la noción del tiempo. Para él quien también había tenido ya un matrimonio fallido no tenía lógica, pero era muy claro lo que sentía.

Por lo que después de 8 meses de grandes charlas compartidas, decide proponerle matrimonio a Tara, él ya había preparado todo incluso para la boda, a pesar que solo seguían su relación por internet él sabia que era lo que tenían que hacer, ambos trabajaban en casa por lo que sería fácil para ellos acomodar sus vidas para estar juntos.

Y así es como llegan a la Riviera Maya, México para llevar acabo la ceremonia de casamiento, ambos se encontraron aquí en el Hotel Viceroy dónde tuvo lugar su boda el día 8 de Julio de 2020. Se quedaron un mes de luna de miel para recuperar su tiempo perdido sin poder verse. Posteriormente viajaron a Miami a realizar una segunda boda en compañía de familiares de Tara.

¡Después viajarán a Alemania donde tendrán una tercera boda con los familiares del Novio, para finalmente mudarse a Australia para pasar sus días juntos!

A veces la realidad supera la ficción, y esta hermosa pareja tuvo un mágico romance, a pesar de las situaciones externas, este tipo de historias nos llenan de magia y esperanza. Aun existen los finales felices, porque ni mil tormentas, huracanes o pandemias pueden evitar el amor entre dos personas y su camino a la felicidad.

Maquillaje Peinado Novia by VO evolution

There are love stories that aren’t logical, we call them destiny. Those stories that just like romantic movies, everything seems like magic!

Do you believe in love at first sight? In that love where all the ideology you have about relationships you throw it out the window; It would seem incredible but our beautiful Bride Tara had the opportunity to experience it, a story that deserves to be told.

Tara flew one day from Miami to Acapulco Mexico, to take a vacation, after 2 failed marriages she didn’t expect to have contact with love again. Focused on her work and her son, it was as she expected her future. And this is where fate put its hands to turn its history around. Like the movie scenes, she saw a tall man pass by who for a moment, locked gazes with her, making it a magical and meaningful moment for both of them.

They spent a short time together in Acapulco, but they shared their contacts and when she returned to Miami , he kept writing to her from Germany!

They connected deeply, there was an inexplicable chemistry, which made them speak daily, make video calls, losing track of time. For him who had also already had a failed marriage, there was no logic, but what he felt was very clear.

So after 8 months of great shared talks, he decides to propose to Tara, he had already prepared everything even for the wedding, although they only followed their relationship online he knew what they had to do, both worked in home so it would be easy for them to arrange their lives to be together.

And this is how they arrive in the Riviera Maya, Mexico to carry out the wedding ceremony, both met here at the Hotel Viceroy where their wedding took place on July 8, 2020. They stayed a month of honeymoon to recover his lost time without being able to see himself. Later they traveled to Miami to perform a second wedding in the company of Tara ‘s family.

They will then travel to Germany where they will have a third wedding with the groom’s guests, to finally move to Australia to spend their days together!

Sometimes reality surpasses fiction, and this beautiful couple had a magical romance, despite external situations, these types of stories fill us with magic and hope. Happy endings still exist, because not a thousand storms, hurricanes or pandemics can prevent love between two people and their path to happiness.

Bridal Hair and Makeup by our expert team, VO evolution

Wedding photography: Marina Pochepkina

Wedding planner: https://www.weddingsrivieramaya.com/

Wedding venue: https://www.viceroyhotelsandresorts.com/

From makeup provider to be “the” bride

Once upon a time, I was the bride! That s right , that day I sat in a chair instead of a client

Usually, I am in charge of enhancing the beauty of my clients, I am an artist that works in the weddings world. I discovered this branch of my profession when I was living in Costa Rica, the same place I met, my boyfriend, was it destiny? obviously ! 

9 years after our first kiss, the day to say I DO arrived, ufff , how stressful! during the whole time of relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend I was always saying, he is my boyfriend, on january 3rd, I signed, know he is my husband !

wow our day was incredible , we decided to get married in our home, why? simply because we wanted to share with our guests a little bit of intimacy and identity. we were round 38 people, we rented furniture, we hired a chef, barman, waiters, dj, mc, wedding coordinator, photographer, mariachis and a good friend of mine made a beautiful flower decoration.

 It was a success, the theme of our wedding was boho greenery chic. the garden of our home was the min decoration (greenery) , we rented an arch in hexagonal shape, a tablecloth and a curtain, all made in macrame (boho) 

and the Chic part, my dress and my husband’s suit,and simply because we wanted to shine! 
talking about shine and coming back to the beginning of the log, it was time for the getting ready of the bride, ME!what a surprise, my witness, that day was also my makeup artist, he proposed that the beauty session would be at his house.He prepped a beautiful scenery, with ballons that read BRIDE, a shiny curtain, a platter of hors dôeuvres, we are talking about a cheese platter ( obviously i am french), different types of bread, deli meats, strawberries, chocolate etc.. and last but certainly not least, champagne, Moet Chandon. I was speechless, everything was so beautiful! 

the stress at this point had started,  I sat in the chair, and the magic of feeling like a bride took power. My makeup artist created my look, a fresh , subtle makeup, french style, my stylist made my hair like I desired, when I looked in the mirror I felt like a queen, my feminine side was enhanced and I wanted the world to see me, look at me!

The photographer came, the level of stressed augmented, and it was the time to put the dress,

I felt butterflies in my stomach ( its hard to control that feeling) it came from nowhere, unannounced! the chauffer, a friend of mine, took me home and i could see all the set up, wooow! everything was so perfect!  everything was the way I visioned it. the ceremony, the yes I do and then we were husband and wife, I was proud!

we let our guests enjoy the cocktail, and me and my husband went to take some pictures. and then we came back to the party to celebrate with friends and family until 2am!

 The day after i was thinking about how i felt and lived this experience. honestly I understood a lot more my clients, for starters, organizing a destination  wedding is super stressful. 50% of the brides don’t come to have an inspection, they have to trust the vendors, me and my company are part of that, the moment you are getting ready you trust your face and hair to unknown people at that point,  and this reflexion takes me back to my clients that put their trust on us. thank you ! Et voila! thank you to all my family and friends, to our fans in social media, that took the time to congratulate us! 

Natacha and Mauricio happily married ! 

thanks to all the providers who make our day OUR DREAMY DAY

http://www.bohobeachdesign.com boho decoration

https://www.vo-evolution.com hair makeup

https://joseejoanette.com flowers

http://www.minimal-rent.com.mx/ furniture

http://www.rocnlove.com/ photography

http://www.sinfoniaculinaria.com/ catering

@mariachisenplayadelcarmen (facebook) mariachi

@minimjackson (Instagram) dancer