This past February, we had the pleasure to do Irene’s hair and makeup for her wedding, a stunning Bride with a doll face.

At the time of the trial, Irene had very clear what she wanted for both hair and makeup. She chose a very elegant look with and emphasis on her eyes.

In recent posts, we talk about the whole experience, the emotional part, and the service of our company, today we want to be a little bit more specific talking about Irene’s makeup, because we are stunned by it.

First the makeup artist started preparing the bride’s skin, with a moisturizer, a primer (Smashbox photo finish) and a hydrating mist (Fix + M.A.C.). While all those products were soaking up on Irene’s skin, it was time to start with the eyes, prepping the eyes with a water proof eye shadow (Painterly Paint Pot, M.A.C), next a transition color was added on her crease (Nude, Naked Ultimate basics Palette) with a blending brush, on the inner crease the makeup artist added a very light color to make the eye look bigger (Vanilla, M.A.C) and to add depth 2 darker colors were added carefully working with layers until the desired depth was achieved (instinct & lethal, Urban Decay), on her inner crease a little bit of a shiny eye shadow to add light and make the look more glamorous (All that glitters, M.A.C), then eyeliner was applied in the waterline (smolder, M.A.C) and then it was blended with a brown color to soften the look. Last but not least was the liner on the upper eyelid to define more Irene’s eyes.

After her eyes where done, it was time for her skin to be finished, first concealer, then a layer of airbrush foundation (M.A.C HD foundation), then contouring (Kat Von D contour palette) and a little bit ok pink-peach blush on her cheeks to soften the look (gingerly and peaches M.A.C), and of course, the is no glamorous makeup without highlighter, just a little bit. (Champagne pop highlighter, BECCA).

Since the eyes where the main feature of the bride’s look, a soft pink lipstick was used, so the makeup could have a balance and look perfect (Angel and cream cup M.A.C).

Finishing with a translucent powder and a setting spray.

Hope you liked our blog, VO team