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For a while and since now, our new reality will be to wear face mask,

but the best part of this recent phenomenon, is that we can match our eyes makeup with the color of our mask, a new trend ? YES absolutely !

So now is the perfect time to show up with your favorite eye shadow palettes, eyeliners and mascaras. Play with colors, give to your face this “special” touch, without forgot of course eyes lashes, use them to pop even more your eyes !

There is no limit in this new tendency, so girls enjoy this moment to show up as a queen, for your Wedding, Event, Evening, Romantic dinner

everybody’s eyes, will look at you, so GLO


The Wedding day, it is one of the most important days for all the women. We want to thank you, your preference and loyalty on us to care of you.

We want to share one of the many brides, who choose us for her big day, Giovanna.

Giovanna and her fiancé decided to tie the knot at Mia Reef Isla Mujeres (, located in the stunning Isla Mujeres an Island situated a 30 minutes in boot from the Cancun, Mexico.

This island is one of the best places in the world; the sea is a mix of different blue colors with white sand and an incredible landscape of Cancun

All the wedding moments remain frozen thanks to the awesome Celina Dumas’ lens ( and all the magic created on her hair and face was made with all the love by the VoEvolution Team (

Thanks to Giovanna to selected us to be part of her wedding Team.

With love,

Vo Evolution

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Why hiring a cheap beauty company will not be good for your destination wedding? We give you a list of the things you need to consider when deciding who is going to be in charge of beautifying you on your wedding day. Is it always true that more expensive is better? Or should we trust cheap? We give you some tips about our work, bear them in mind when choosing your makeup and hair stylist in Riviera Maya. WE USE TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS When you go to a makeup artist you expect to see top quality products in their case. Also you expect to find the type of products that will work for you according to your skin tone, type, and look desired. Specially the ones required in a humid and hot Caribbean weather. WE HAVE THE BEST TOOLS Not only do we have a lot of brushes, we have high quality brushes. If you’re getting your makeup done, you want the perfect result, plus the airbrush and finished quality- We have the talent and tools to do that. WE HAVE THE EXPERTISE Just like any other profession, you pay for someone else’s expertise. Our team has a solid formation and years in the bridal field, which will be a guarantee for you when choosing your beauty team. WE GIVE YOU ALL THE TIME NEEDED The time our makeup artists will spend with you is the time needed to get the perfect result! We give you an appointment. A moment in which our team will be dedicated to you and only to you. Remember that the set up and take down of kit & time spent cleaning, sanitizing and preparing for you will count as well. LUXURY Maybe you are thinking of doing your own makeup, but will it look the same? Is it worth the stress of having your eyeliner look uneven and being late because you just can’t get it right? Or should you just leave it to a professional? Let us pamper you that day and treat you like a princess! We are a professional team and will be there to make you shine. Don’t spend a fortune and don’t trust too much cheapness. Our beauty team is the best in the area, for the right price! Vo-Evolution is exactly what you need! See you at your wedding! The Vo team