Since we are little girls all of us dream about the perfect wedding, it’s something very personnal

we want that everything goes perfect for this very important day in our life !

how to feel like a Queen ? A Bride needs to be pampered so she can relaxed and be radiant on her day, like the groom too !

why not to have a relaxing massage the evening before in the comfort of you room or in the spa of your hotel ? it will help you to have a great night and look fresh the morning of YOUR DAY

The morning of your wedding let’s start with a good breakfast and a pedicure, manicure, you will feel very special, share this moment with your bridesmaids and let’s start the bridal party don’t forget the champagne, cheers !

rock it, enjoy it, this will be your girly moment, speak about the lasts details of your wedding with them, share your love story, you will feel like a little girl, smile on your face, forget the littles troubles !

My guests how my god, will they enjoy my wedding, will they like the food, will they dance etc….?

You have a lot of questions in your mind ! of course they will, first because they are on your side, they like you and they want to be the witnesses of your special moment, so don’t worry everything will be fabulous.

it’s now your beauty moment your hairstylist and makeup artist are in charge of your beauty, they know their profession if they are wedding experts they do this every day, don’t feel anxious let them carry you in their hands

One of the best things to do before arriveto your destination wedding, is to send pictures of the makeup you like, the hairstyle too, of course the best way to be sure to wear your wedding hair and makeup is to do a trail, it can be the day before or a few months before if you are planning a venue visit

Vo-Evolution is your bridal team expert for your big day !!!