Some of our clients ask us, what is airbrush ? and what is the difference between a traditional makeup and airbrush technique ?
let us explain you !
Airbrush makeup has become more popular with the advent of high definition video and television. Traditional powder or liquid base makeup can settle and appear in pores and wrinkles and be visible on HD video, pictures etc…
Airbrush makeup is now a must in the wedding industry. As the makeup is sprayed on (with the gun), it connects with the skin as thousands of droplets of formula. The foundation (foundation HD special airbrush)
can create an even, sheer, natural appearance to the skin that, if applied property for a natural look, can appear natural and no – heavy like traditional makeup
Airbrush makeup wears longer than traditional makeup (powder or liquid foundation) able to stay upwards 14 – 16 hours, totally waterproof, humidity proof, and of course cry- proof
A perfect finish, flawless and glam look for a wedding day on the beach!
Our team is expert in this makeup technique, we provide this service to our Bride, Bridesmaids, Mothers, and of course guests too
A trash the dress session ? Airbrush makeup is definitely what you need, to look perfect underwater
Hope you enjoyed this blog, with love !
VO evolution team