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Some of our clients ask us, what is airbrush ? and what is the difference between a traditional makeup and airbrush technique ?
let us explain you !
Airbrush makeup has become more popular with the advent of high definition video and television. Traditional powder or liquid base makeup can settle and appear in pores and wrinkles and be visible on HD video, pictures etc…
Airbrush makeup is now a must in the wedding industry. As the makeup is sprayed on (with the gun), it connects with the skin as thousands of droplets of formula. The foundation (foundation HD special airbrush)
can create an even, sheer, natural appearance to the skin that, if applied property for a natural look, can appear natural and no – heavy like traditional makeup
Airbrush makeup wears longer than traditional makeup (powder or liquid foundation) able to stay upwards 14 – 16 hours, totally waterproof, humidity proof, and of course cry- proof
A perfect finish, flawless and glam look for a wedding day on the beach!
Our team is expert in this makeup technique, we provide this service to our Bride, Bridesmaids, Mothers, and of course guests too
A trash the dress session ? Airbrush makeup is definitely what you need, to look perfect underwater
Hope you enjoyed this blog, with love !
VO evolution team


This past February, we had the pleasure to do Irene’s hair and makeup for her wedding, a stunning Bride with a doll face.

At the time of the trial, Irene had very clear what she wanted for both hair and makeup. She chose a very elegant look with and emphasis on her eyes.

In recent posts, we talk about the whole experience, the emotional part, and the service of our company, today we want to be a little bit more specific talking about Irene’s makeup, because we are stunned by it.

First the makeup artist started preparing the bride’s skin, with a moisturizer, a primer (Smashbox photo finish) and a hydrating mist (Fix + M.A.C.). While all those products were soaking up on Irene’s skin, it was time to start with the eyes, prepping the eyes with a water proof eye shadow (Painterly Paint Pot, M.A.C), next a transition color was added on her crease (Nude, Naked Ultimate basics Palette) with a blending brush, on the inner crease the makeup artist added a very light color to make the eye look bigger (Vanilla, M.A.C) and to add depth 2 darker colors were added carefully working with layers until the desired depth was achieved (instinct & lethal, Urban Decay), on her inner crease a little bit of a shiny eye shadow to add light and make the look more glamorous (All that glitters, M.A.C), then eyeliner was applied in the waterline (smolder, M.A.C) and then it was blended with a brown color to soften the look. Last but not least was the liner on the upper eyelid to define more Irene’s eyes.

After her eyes where done, it was time for her skin to be finished, first concealer, then a layer of airbrush foundation (M.A.C HD foundation), then contouring (Kat Von D contour palette) and a little bit ok pink-peach blush on her cheeks to soften the look (gingerly and peaches M.A.C), and of course, the is no glamorous makeup without highlighter, just a little bit. (Champagne pop highlighter, BECCA).

Since the eyes where the main feature of the bride’s look, a soft pink lipstick was used, so the makeup could have a balance and look perfect (Angel and cream cup M.A.C).

Finishing with a translucent powder and a setting spray.

Hope you liked our blog, VO team




When it comes to perfect weather, beautiful beaches with multiple shades of blue and a tropical vibe, Playa Del Carmen is the right place to be. Especially if you are planning a destination wedding.

Playa Del Carmen is a small beach town, just an hour away from the airport. There is a lot to do in Playa, shopping, bar hopping, snorkeling, great national and International restaurants, walking on the popular 5th avenue, fun nightlife, and relaxing days at the Beach. Whether you come in a small or large group Playa offers everything you’ll need to fill your needs.

If you ever dreamed of having your wedding at the beach, there is nothing else to think about. Playa del Carmen it is!

Now how about your wedding venue? Playa also offers a variety of venues, from boutique hotels that are downtown, all inclusive resorts and also beach clubs.

Once you have decided the venue, you will need a beauty team, and this is where we come to the rescue.

Vo- Evolution is a company that specializes in wedding hair and makeup. We have a big team of makeup and hair artist that are up to date with the trendiest techniques and looks. We work with high-end products to make sure you receive the best quality.

We also work with airbrush makeup, a waterproof and long lasting foundation to ensure that you will look perfect on your wedding day.

Our team will pamper you and will work together with you to come up with the look you want for your dream day, making you look and feel beautiful, like every bride wants to feel on her wedding day.

Let us take care you, we love what we do and we are sure you’ll love it too.

With love, Vo –Evolution, your beauty team!