Since we are little girls all of us dream about the perfect wedding, it’s something very personnal

we want that everything goes perfect for this very important day in our life !

how to feel like a Queen ? A Bride needs to be pampered so she can relaxed and be radiant on her day, like the groom too !

why not to have a relaxing massage the evening before in the comfort of you room or in the spa of your hotel ? it will help you to have a great night and look fresh the morning of YOUR DAY

The morning of your wedding let’s start with a good breakfast and a pedicure, manicure, you will feel very special, share this moment with your bridesmaids and let’s start the bridal party don’t forget the champagne, cheers !

rock it, enjoy it, this will be your girly moment, speak about the lasts details of your wedding with them, share your love story, you will feel like a little girl, smile on your face, forget the littles troubles !

My guests how my god, will they enjoy my wedding, will they like the food, will they dance etc….?

You have a lot of questions in your mind ! of course they will, first because they are on your side, they like you and they want to be the witnesses of your special moment, so don’t worry everything will be fabulous.

it’s now your beauty moment your hairstylist and makeup artist are in charge of your beauty, they know their profession if they are wedding experts they do this every day, don’t feel anxious let them carry you in their hands

One of the best things to do before arriveto your destination wedding, is to send pictures of the makeup you like, the hairstyle too, of course the best way to be sure to wear your wedding hair and makeup is to do a trail, it can be the day before or a few months before if you are planning a venue visit

Vo-Evolution is your bridal team expert for your big day !!!

Best Services Best Price Hair & Makeup Riviera Maya

Why hiring a cheap beauty company will not be good for your destination wedding? We give you a list of the things you need to consider when deciding who is going to be in charge of beautifying you on your wedding day. Is it always true that more expensive is better? Or should we trust cheap? We give you some tips about our work, bear them in mind when choosing your makeup and hair stylist in Riviera Maya. WE USE TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS When you go to a makeup artist you expect to see top quality products in their case. Also you expect to find the type of products that will work for you according to your skin tone, type, and look desired. Specially the ones required in a humid and hot Caribbean weather. WE HAVE THE BEST TOOLS Not only do we have a lot of brushes, we have high quality brushes. If you’re getting your makeup done, you want the perfect result, plus the airbrush and finished quality- We have the talent and tools to do that. WE HAVE THE EXPERTISE Just like any other profession, you pay for someone else’s expertise. Our team has a solid formation and years in the bridal field, which will be a guarantee for you when choosing your beauty team. WE GIVE YOU ALL THE TIME NEEDED The time our makeup artists will spend with you is the time needed to get the perfect result! We give you an appointment. A moment in which our team will be dedicated to you and only to you. Remember that the set up and take down of kit & time spent cleaning, sanitizing and preparing for you will count as well. LUXURY Maybe you are thinking of doing your own makeup, but will it look the same? Is it worth the stress of having your eyeliner look uneven and being late because you just can’t get it right? Or should you just leave it to a professional? Let us pamper you that day and treat you like a princess! We are a professional team and will be there to make you shine. Don’t spend a fortune and don’t trust too much cheapness. Our beauty team is the best in the area, for the right price! Vo-Evolution is exactly what you need! See you at your wedding! The Vo team

Cancun destination wedding

Welcome to Cancun! The special place to have your Destination Wedding!

Cancun offers a wide range of hotels, world-class resorts, restaurants, shopping malls, attractions and activities, but specially, a beautiful Caribbean blue sea with white sands, which has made Cancun the actual mecca for Destination Weddings. Literally, people from all over the world is coming to make their dream wedding come true.

There are so many options for you to choose, from a low budget, intimate ceremony, to a big event wedding in a large resort

Transport, wedding planners, beautiful settings, cenotes, attractions, you can have it your way and you won’t regret it. So if you are thinking of having a beautiful Caribbean wedding, wait no more. We share with you one of our bride’s stories so we can help you start planning your big day:


One of our brides, Karla, got married at the beautiful Krystal Hotel in Cancun. She met her fiancée a few years earlier while working at the hotel together, while being engaged, they moved to the USA to start a living. But when the wedding planning time came, they chose the perfect place to get married would be paradise in which they met: The gorgeous Caribbean sea. Here’s a listing of how Karla chose to arrange her dream wedding with the help of her wedding coordinator:


One year before the wedding, they organized and reserved all dates and locations for the wedding at Krystal Hotel.

Six months before the wedding, she chose to have a honeymoon and a trash the dress photo-shoot after the wedding. They arranged destination and itineraries, hire their photographers and took her appointment with VoEvolution for the trial, wedding day, and trash the dress.

Four months before the wedding, she bought her wedding ring and decided to have her wedding dress rented with Be Fabulous. Karla chose her bridesmaids, and decided to have a mint-color themed wedding, which goes amazing with the bridesmaids dresses, and also with pedicure and manicure (which was also part of her Vo-Evolution package). They also sent their invitations, and designed the wedding cake.

Three months before the wedding, they chose their flowers and bouquets, the music, invite special guests and the best man.

Two months before, the day with Vo-Evolution hair and makeup trial came, it was a delightful moment for a bride to be, in which she tried different makeups and hairstyles, chose the one for her wedding, and then modified it to have a romantic dinner and still keep her bridal look a secret.

One month before the wedding, they arranged the seating plan for the reception.

Two weeks before the big day, they confirmed the guest attendance. The final fitting of her beach wedding dress, in which her wedding dress rental company took note of all the details remaining. They got their prenuptial lab test.

A week before, they took a recommended spa time together, in which bride and groom to be get a little moment to put their heart together before their big day, and of course, relax! They also receive the wedding dress by Be Fabulous steamed and perfect. They finished packing for the honeymoon.

One day before, it was time for Karla’s & bridesmaid’s appointment for Manicure & Pedicure with Vo-evolution. She went to bed early and we advised her not to eat salt.

The great day: She got up, had breakfast, and received the Vo Team for her Make up and hair, as well as we beautified her bridesmaids, and mums. They all had lunch, got dressed, and had fun. Finally Karla met her groom at Krystal lobby, they took gorgeous pictures, and had their civil and religion ceremony. They had the time of their life in a reception and ceremony they will never forget!


See you soon for your wedding!


The Vo Team